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aBASI dance lab

Professional and technical training based on science in a noncompetitive environment.

Our goal is to cultivate professional dancers with an emphasis on positive mental health outcomes and a lifelong love for dance.

ABASI Dance lab

Academy of dance and performing arts with specialized private lessons using the science of applied behavior analysis

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ABASI Dance Lab is truly a one-of-a-kind dance studio that focuses on unique private lessons using the science of applied behavior analysis and a professional training center with technical group classes with an emphasis on adaptive mental health outcomes and anatomically safe training. 

ABASI Dance Lab is the first branch of the prestigious company ABA Sports Innovations founded by Dr. Mallory Quinn. ABASI uses the science of applied behavior analysis to more effectively train athletes using our empirically validated and published procedures. In addition, our studio provides group and individual therapy for dancers of all abilities and we train instructors and facility owners all across the country to implement our trademarked methods.

What started as a niche studio for specialized private lessons for dancers has turned into a staple in the Tampa community for providing some of Tampa’s most talented performers an amazing physically and mentally safe training establishment. 

We look forward to telling you our story and meeting you soon!

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