Private Lessons

Private lessons

using applied behavior analysis (ABA)

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a field of science driven by research and evidence-based practices using the principles of behavior, in order to change behavior that is socially significant to the individual. 

Research using ABA to enhance sports performance began in the sixties and has been utilized in almost every sports area, and even within the collegiate level and for professional athletes.

In the past decade, research using ABA to improve sports performances has skyrocketed. Dr. Mallory Quinn is a pivotal researcher in the area of using ABA and dance, and has published multiple studies on using different antecedent and feedback modalities with dancers, using ABA motivational strategies, positive coaching without the use of aversive training, as well as methods for training dancers in wheelchairs. During her time in graduate school she published over 5 papers and a book for using ABA training within athletic training contexts.

In 2016, Dr. Mallory Quinn started her company ABA Sports Innovations (ABASI). For the past decade, Dr. Mallory Quinn has conducted research and trained dance instructors and behavior analysts across the nation to use ABA within their dance training or designated sport. Dr. Quinn is a published author, invited speaker, and researcher, all while maintaining a strong presence in the Tampa Bay Community as a dance instructor, choreographer, and musical theater performer. Dr. Quinn studied and taught at the University of South Florida and was mentored under some of the best researchers in the field including Drs. Kwang-Sun Blair and Raymond Miltenberger.

In 2018, ABASI Dance Lab became the first branch of ABA Sports Innovations, and the first specialized ABA and coaching facility in the nation. ABASI Dance Lab provides small group dance and performing arts classes, as well as private lessons specializing in using techniques from Applied Behavior Analysis.

The specialized private lessons using ABA are available for competition dancers to enhance their technique in specified movement areas, as well as for students with special needs to receive ABA therapy within the context of a dance or yoga class.

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