FALL 2024 Schedule

Competition Dancers

Give your competition dancer the edge they need to succeed!

ABASI’s proprietary published research methods are now used for training dance locally at our studio in Tampa for dancers in and outside of ABASI Dance Lab. These specialized private dance lessons for the competitive dancer, use proven research-based methodology and data based analysis to bring competitive dancer’s training and routines to new heights. These dance lessons are individualized to each dancer’s training, challenging to their specific level, and offered with collaboration with their current studio. 


In Dr. Quinn’s published ABA research studies, competitive dancers enhanced their performance by an average percentage difference of 38%, and a 112% average percent increase on movements such as a switch kick side stride leap, double grabbing leg around turn, back catch scorpion kick/needle and triple pirouette using scientific ABA methods. Dr. Quinn consults in training athletic coaches around the country to use ABASI’s proprietary POINTE Program Manual to train their athletes.

ABASI Dance Lab’s dancers do not compete in local dance competitions, therefore, dancers from local competition studios do not need to worry about any conflict of interest in their competition prep from Dr. Quinn.