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Acrobatics focuses on flexibility, balance and muscular control involved in performing tricks, like hand and headstands, cartwheels, backbends, walkovers, and contortions. Join this class to learn tricks that can be incorporated into dance choreography. A majority of the class will include conditioning to strengthen the body to perform these movements safely.

Hip Hop

Hip hop is a dance style and culture based upon utilizing the latest popular hip hop music. Students have a chance to learn a fun routine while adding their own personality to the choreography. Hip Hop dancing is more hard hitting and may incorporate break dancing, floor work, and body popping.

Tap Dance

Tap dance requires special shoes, which creates sounds and rhythms when dancing on the floor. This class develops musicality through proper technique and producing clear sounds. Striking the floor becomes a form of percussion, and our more advanced tap classes play with intricate rhythms and fusion with other styles. 

Requirements for Tap 2: At least 3 years of tap experience. Able to execute basic tap steps with clean sounds including: buffalos, maxi fords, single, double, and triple time steps, essence, cramp rolls, pull backs, draw backs, etc., clean single pirouette.

Requirements for Tap 3: Same requirement as Tap 2 with the addition of more complicated steps such as wings, and double versions for all of the steps above, in addition to ability to perform steps on both legs and backwards. Student must be able to implement all movements in a fast pace with clean sounds within more intricate choreography. 


Jazz is a performance style type of dance and incorporates ballet technique to help the student develop rhythm and performance skills. This upbeat class will teach the student isolations, contractions, and ground movements, across the floor combinations, and choreography. Jazz focuses on dramatic movements paired with the up and down beats of the music and syncopated rhythms. 

Requirements for Jazz 2: Minimum of 3 years of dance experience. This class is focused on advancing and perfecting technical skills, challenges ability to memorize choreography, and expects high performance standards. 

Prerequisite skills (all must be clean): single pirouette, petit jete leap, battement combo, clean chaines across the floor, box steps, kick ball change, six point turn combination. 

Conditioning requirements: hold plank for 1 minute, complete 100 crunches, sustain passé hold on releve for a minimum of 3 seconds.

Jazz Heels is an advanced jazz class that focuses on choreography and performance of short routines in character heels. This class will help the student develop confidence to implement for facial expressions while dancing, mature movement, and performance skills, and create employable musical theater performers 

Requirements for Heels: At least 5 years of jazz dance experience, ability to walk, jump, and run, in heels.


Contemporary dance allows for expressive movements while combining elements of many genres. The student will learn to convey emotions and tell a story through their movements.


Lyrical dance combines ballet, jazz, and modern skills with the technique of ballet. The lyrics in the music allow for interpretative movem

Progressing Ballet Technique

Progressing ballet technique is an incredibly unique conditioning class, which focuses on muscle memory conditioning for classical ballet. Students will use large yoga balls, pilates balls, and straps to perform conditioning exercises to strengthen the muscles used in movements such as turn out, adagio, allegro, core and posture, port de bras, weight placement, alignment, extensions, feet and allegro, and safe stretching. Our instructors are certified in this revolutionary training method that focuses on teaching students which muscles they should “feel” and activate during different exercises. This class is amazing conditioning for ballet dancers, gymnasts, ice skaters, etc.! Learn more at


Ballet is a performance dance, which uses precise and highly formalized set steps and gestures with graceful flowing movements in intricate flowing patterns. Our ballet classes focus on proper technique and terminology while practicing movements on the barre, in the center, and across the floor. The student learns proper body alignment and fluid movement. Our ballet classes’ emphasis safe and age appropriate training in order to prevent injury and ensure longevity of training. Ballet is considered by many to be the “basis” of all styles of dance. We recommend every student be involved in at least one ballet class weekly. 

Requirements for Ballet 2: Ballet 2 is for students who have had prior ballet training of at least 3 years. Students should already be familiar with all basic terminology: plié, tendu, etc., and able to perform clean single turns in the center and across the floor, as well as clean jumps.

Conditioning Requirements for Ballet 2: Hold a 1-minute plank, complete 32 clean releves and 64 eleves at the barre. Demonstrate the stretches required to obtain a split. Hold a passé releve turned out for at least 3 seconds. 

Pre Pointe

Pre Pointe classes are designed to strengthen the muscles needed to be on pointe. This class focuses on strengthening exercises at the barre and in the center to develop ankle strength and flexibility. Pre Pointe is for the serious ballet dancer who wishes to advance to a higher level of ballet dance through extra focus on the legs, feet, and ankles.

Requirements for Pre Pointe: Students in Pre Pointe must be enrolled in another ballet class and exhibit the skills required for ballet 2. 

Preschool Storybook Ballet

Preschool Storybook Ballet In this fun and creative class, student will read a short fairytale story while acting out ballet movement that relate to the story. This creative class will provide basic components of posture, balance, and focus, and the techniques of ballet. Students will be introduced to ballet in a fun and creative way, while still learning and practicing the discipline involved for a ballet class. Students will also be introduced to the fun of performing and developing a character to act out. 

Musical Theater

Musical Theater A unique specialization of our studio is our musical theater classes. These classes focus on performance and telling a story through singing and acting. Although this class will include choreography and dances, the main focus of the class is developing well-rounded performers through performance of songs and scenes. Students will learn about musical theater through performance, improvisation, group work, and scene study. Perfect for the Broadway lover!


Yoga: Yoga focuses on a combination of bodywork through strengthening and flexibility of the body by holding poses, while also teaching students how to link their external movements to their breath. Yoga is wonderful for all ages for teaching mindfulness (or being aware in the present moment). For kids, mindfulness training has been shown to help teach them how to problem solve and remain calm in stressful situations. For our teenagers who perform, yoga has helped teach them how to cope with performance anxiety. There are so many wonderful benefits of yoga for our dancers as well as athletes who take class to strengthen muscles to avoid injury, and engage in active recovery. 


Bounce: Bounce is a wonderful conditioning class, which focuses on using mini trampolines (rebounders) to burn calories, strengthen the legs ankles and feet, as well as build up endurance for future performances. The mini trampolines are so fun, our students often forget they are conditioning and strengthening their bodies. Bounce is an amazing cardio workout for all ages, and has added health benefits including increasing blood flow, releasing fascia tissue, and strengthening bones.

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Send us an email with your child’s information: 

Name, date of birth, previous dance experience, and what classes you are interested in.

We will get back to you ASAP.