Personal Training & Conditioning

About ABA Personal Training & Conditioning

Our staff of personal trainers are excited to help you or your child reach their fitness goals. Some common goals include increasing stamina, weight loss, and building muscle. Our skilled trainers will first conduct an assessment to determine the best programming for your goals. Then our trainers will take baseline data, and conduct assessments throughout the entire process to determine effectiveness.

Dr. Quinn and Miss Shreeya provide personal training to adults and children with special needs as well and are certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)! Our special needs clients enjoy these one on one personal training sessions, even incorporating fitness routines such as bounce, yoga, and dance.

For our dancers looking to improve their musculature, turnout, and stamina, many of our skilled staff of personal trainers are also certified in Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT). PBT is a revolutionary program that targets muscle memory training for classical ballet. Your dancer will learn which muscles activate during each exercise of ballet class and how to safely condition the body to produce the best dance results. PBT private lessons are wonderful for anyone looking to increase flexibility and length, as well as develop strength. We have had ice skaters, gymnasts, and participants from many outside sports attend our studio for PBT privates.


We are happy to help with your individualized fitness goals for you or your child and work around your schedule and needs. 

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