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Amazing community and wonderful people!! Mallory is such a down to earth caring person and takes time to teach things thoroughly!

- MS

Mallory is an amazing owner who has incorporated Applied Behavior Analysis into activities for kiddos that may have never gotten the chance otherwise! Spreading awareness, love, and skill amongst all communities!

- DT

Dr. Mallory Quinn is the most amazing teacher and she only hires the best teachers to work with the students. Dr. Quinn takes the time to teach each child the right steps, movement, and technique, before they progress. My daughter Amara would always come out excited to tell me what she had learned. Even though Amara is on a competitive dance team, she still goes to Mallory to get her conditioning and technique down. Mallory also has helped practice her competitive dance routines with her. There are no words on how wonderful the ABASI Dance Lab program is. The talented teachers are amazing and dedicated to the students. 

- KM

My 14-year old daughter has been training with Mallory for the past year and a half. Feeling “behind” because she started dance so late in life, we were not sure what to expect. I could never have imagined the amazing transformation that I would see in such a short period of time!!! Not only has she been physically transformed, but she can confidently hold her own now during choreography portions of auditions. Mallory is such a gifted teacher, finding the perfect balance between encouraging and challenging my kiddo. The classes that are offered are amazing, and it is evident in the teachers she has selected that Mallory’s character and integrity are valued as much as technique. And somehow, they have managed to make keeping us all safe and healthy a top priority as well. We are so grateful and blessed to have this studio!

- RC

Even though they offer a lot of classes, they are smaller sizes, so it’s not overwhelming. The classes are really technique-driven and the smaller class size allows for more personal attention. Mallory’s dedication to the studio really shines through at ABASI. If you’re on the fence, just check it out and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

- CM

Mallory Quinn, the owner, is one of the most amazing women I’ve ever met. Mallory has taught dance for my studio in the past, and let’s just say she is very missed over here in Pinellas County! A truly wonderful, kind, and patient teacher with awesome qualifications. Her work speaks for itself and her kindness can be felt in her studio. I am so proud of her and highly recommend ABASI Dance Lab!

- AR

ABASI is unique in their program offerings and specialize in services to children that usually get left behind in local dance offerings. The studio is clean and the environment is accepting, happy and fun! I highly recommend ABASI! Dr. Quinn and her compassionate staff can not be matched!

- SF

WOW…. where do I begin? My girls came home after their first dance class at ABASI with such joy, excitement and confidence. I have 3 daughters enrolled here and I am so excited to see what they gain. Mallory has developed the perfect atmosphere and aligned the perfect instructors to make your child flourish in dance.

- CV

All of the instructors here are top notch. Our daughter has come such a long way in such a short period of time. Mallory really works hard to place the students where they need to be and creates such a positive and wonderful environment for them to bond and grow.

- LK

I love that the ABASI Dance Lab really works with each dancer/ student to identify their specific needs and develop programming to help them enhance their skills in a safe way to avoid injury. The teachers are very qualified and the environment is welcoming to dancers/ students of all skill levels and abilities. Love the inclusivity.

- LR

My daughter has worked with ABASI Dance Lab for 2 years. She has improved on her technical dance training and has had so much fun doing it. We both highly, highly recommend ABASI Dance!

- KB

The dedication and devotion of Dr. Mallory Quinn to the amazing kids’ programs she has developed are nothing short of incredible! She pours her heart and soul into making each and every student feel special and set up for success!

- CL

Malory the owner is highly educated and passionately dedicated to growth of the community. All her businesses support the development of the mind, body and spirit.

- KD

I love Tabitha’s yoga classes! I have a lot of lower back pain and my back always feels SO MUCH better after taking her class!

- SL

I have been blown away with ABASI Dance Lab’s Musical Theater Camp. As a mom of 2 kids and over 20 years of experience of “summer camps”, I don’t usually set super high expectations for them. But wow!! Mallory, you have blown me away. You and each amazing teacher you have brought in for camp have managed to bring that private lesson feel to every day of camp. I have had one very sore, strong, exhausted, beaming, happy kid this month! I am so grateful for this experience for these kids.

- RC

ABASI does a great job combining Applied Behavior Analysis with dance to teach and reinforce skills. This is a great way to use ABA while exploring the world of dance.

- LS

Mallory is constantly educating herself so that she can bring the newest and proven techniques to her yoga and dance studio. My teenage daughter has been taking PBT privates for a couple months and she already notices an improvement in her strength, alignment and technique. Most importantly, she loves going every week! So happy to have training like this in Tampa! 

- JS

Mallory has provided instruction to my daughter for over a year. As a result my child has over come so many challenges that her stroke presented early on. Thank you Mallory for all you’ve done for our daughter

- LC

As a Mom of an adult son with autism, I am just blown away at what the owner, Dr. Mallory Quinn, is doing here. I only wish my son had access to this level of assistance when he was younger. She is patient, kind and is able to bring the best out of these kids while creating a loving and supportive environment for all. Highly recommended.

- CJ

I hired Abasi for private ballet lessons for my two daughters ages 5 and 3. My girls have loved every lesson and always look forward to the next lesson, and are quickly growing in their ballet technique and passion for dance. I can not say enough good things about the Abasi staff. They are flexible with my scheduling needs, reliable and punctual. The instructor does a great job dealing with the different personalities of both my children by giving them a fun yet structured experience. I chose to do private lessons for the one on one experience that you don’t always get in a studio, especially private lessons which use ABA teaching methods. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for private dance lessons for their child.

- KL

Mallory is very dedicated and super passionate about her work and the people that she works with. She’s very knowledgeable about ABA and committed in delivering the best always !!!!

- GN

I absolutely love this place! All the staff are friendly and helpful. They have a wide variety of classes. I love all the ballet instructors and am grateful to have found a fun space that offers adult ballet classes for all levels in a schedule that works with my crazy life!

- VG

worked with Dr. Quinn during her dissertation. If you want to either take your sport performance to the next level – or you want to build a sport performance training repertoire; Mallory is your best choice!

- JP

For everyone who has decided they do not want to send their kids back to the classroom this year and are looking for options. Dr. Mallory Quinn holds her PhD in ABA Therapy and has an extensive background in dance and musical theater and is great with kids. Check out this homeschool program!

- LM

Dakota thoroughly enjoyed her experience at the ABASI Dance Lab Teen Musical Theater Intensive camp! It was so wonderful for her to connect with other amazing young ladies and get back in touch with herself on so many levels. I am so thankful to Mallory and her troupe of special teachers who worked with them. Proud of them all!

- LK

Mallory is so passionate about her work I love all the benefits ABA has to offer, Awesome atmosphere, Mal is so soft spoken and patient you can tell she has found her calling.

- TT

My daughter fell in love with ABASI Dance Lab with her first class! She loved the adult ballet class with Melissa who was amazing. Working with Mallory in the ABASI program was phenomenal. Maggie has made amazing progress with her dance!

- KB

I loooooove Mallory and ABASI Dance Lab! Pure joy and happiness for my girls every moment they are at the studio. Mallory is the most beautiful human inside and out, thank you a trillion times over for being you.

- TK

I cannot thank Mallory enough. She makes my girl want to dance! She makes her feel encouraged. She makes her feel beautiful. She makes her feel like she CAN! So then my daughter DOES! I am so grateful. We are very blessed. –TC

- TC

Ms. Mallory is amazing! She was my daughters first dance teacher, and we couldn’t have asked for anyone more perfect.

- AM

Based on science and improving lives! What more could you want?

- ND

I can vouch for ABASI Dance Lab’s program and Dr. Mallory’s qualifications, dedication, and magical touch with kids (and cats).


Mallory is a choreographer queen. I cannot believe how beautiful my daughter is dancing with just her third private lesson. Thank you Mallory.

- CM

Mallory is amazing! ABASI Dance Lab is an absolutely fantastic program for serious dancers and performers.

- MS

Mallory is a highly intelligent and innovative teacher. She is top notch, you can do no better. than Dr. Quinn.


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We’d love to hear from you and welcome you to review us on Google and Facebook.